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The ICB in English - International Club of Bordeaux

The ICB in English

International Club of Bordeaux

connecting people

Our goal and joy is to help connect people 

The International Club of Bordeaux is a social association seeking to cultivate and promote friendships among members of the English-speaking international community of Bordeaux and its region.

Equally, the ICB serves to welcome new English-speaking arrivals with the intent of easing their integration into a new life in our beloved Bordeaux.


Fun activities for everyone 

We encourage all of our members to integrate and enjoy life in our favorite city – itself becoming more and more international each day – while nurturing a multi-cultural and multi-linguistic spirit.

Our activities are social, cultural, educational and, most of all, fun! There is something for everyone among the large choice of adult and family-oriented ICB activities.

We have all lived in two or more countries and have juggled several different languages and cultures.

Many of us have raised, or are raising, children who are bi- or multi- lingual and multi- cultural. The ICB is also for our kids, providing an English-speaking base for making friends and for reinforcing their English conversational skills.

Our emphasis is on quality in everything the ICB has to offer both its members and the Bordeaux region, as well as the quality of those who are our members.

Sharing our “foreign” experiences binds us together and provides a richness of knowledge, wisdom and companionship which is indeed rare in today’s fast-paced and globally-diverse world.