Rules of Procedure

Goals and Philosophy

The International Club of Bordeaux, (hereinafter, “ICB”), is a social association seeking to cultivate and promote friendships between English-speaking women and men of all ages, nationalities, and their families in the Bordeaux region.

We seek to celebrate our international heritages, embrace our differences, and engage in and share common interests.

Fair and impartial rules and procedures are of paramount importance to the goals of the association. The following Rules of Procedure (hereinafter, “RP”) reflect the Founding Members’ steadfast commitment to transparency in the structure, functioning and governance of the ICB.

These Rules of Procedure are further based on respect for all nationalities, ethnicities and lifestyles and the Founding Members’ belief that people of good moral and ethical character have a place in the ICB.


English is the official language of the ICB. Except as noted on the ICB web site or other association communications, all activities will be conducted in English.


All prospective members must comply with the following requirements:

(a) All applicants must submit a completed Membership Application. Any incomplete application received cannot be considered for acceptance.

(b) Applicants must be fluent in English: and

(1) for an Individual Membership, the applicant must be fluent; or

(2) for a Couple Membership, at least one partner must be fluent.

(c) All applicants must be at least 18 years old and of good moral and ethical character; and

(d) Prior to submitting a Membership Application, all applicants must attend two (2) or three (3) different ICB-sponsored activities or events. This is to assure that the ICB is an association that is compatible with and will meet the applicant’s needs and expectations. Once three (3) different activities/events have been attended, no further participation in any ICB-sponsored activity/event is possible without the participant having completed an ICB membership application, having been approved by the ICB Board and having paid their dues; and

(e) All applicants must be sponsored by one (1) ICB member in good standing and one (1) Founding Member; and

(f) An applicant must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Executive Board.

*It is important to note that the submission of a Membership Application does not constitute automatic membership. Only when an applicant meets the above criteria, is notified of acceptance by the ICB and has then paid his/her dues, does he/she/they become qualified members, thereby entitling them to attend any or all ICB sponsored events and activities.

The Executive Board’s acceptance or denial of any Membership Application is at the complete discretion of the ICB Executive Board.

Membership Dues 2019

Only after an applicant receives notice of acceptance as a member of ICB are dues payable. Dues are not accepted at the time of submission of the Application for Membership.

(a) An Individual membership is 35 Euros per calendar year;

(b) A Couple membership is 50 Euros per calendar year;

Children and grandchildren of members, less than 18 years of age, are welcome to participate in the children’s activities organised for them.

Yearly renewal dues must be paid each year by January 15 at the latest for the coming year. The ICB Executive Board reserves the right to refuse the renewal of any ICB membership. Any decision by the Executive Board is final.

General Assembly

A General Assembly will be convened every year in or near to the month of November .

All members in good standing will be invited to participate in the General Assembly of the ICB pursuant to the convocation and agenda sent by the President via e-mail communication no less than fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting.

Any decision requiring a vote by the members of the ICB will take place via internet prior to the General Assembly meeting in order to allow all members to express themselves whether present or not.

The Executive Board and Election of Officers

The ICB will be governed by an Executive Board of ICB members, elected by a simple majority secret ballot vote of all members in good-standing, for a mandate of two (2) years, the first elections being held at the November 2015 General Assembly.

The mandate of a newly-elected Executive Board runs from January 1st of the year following the November election, until December 31st, two years later.

Candidates will present themselves by and with a list/team. Each list/team will be comprised of at least two (2) Founding Members with an uneven number of candidates on each list/team of at least 7 or more (e.g., 7, 9, 11, 13).

Members who desire to present their candidacy must be fluent in English and must be a member in good standing of the ICB for at least one year.

There will be no restrictions on the nationality of the President or Executive Board Members of the ICB, however the President of the ICB must be fully fluent in English and in French.  Every Executive Board must represent the diversity of the association (nationalities, age, sex, etc…).

All nominees will be held to the ICB membership standards for ethical and moral conduct throughout the election process and are subject to expulsion from the ICB in the event of violation of these standards by the Founding Members then serving on the Executive Board.

Two or more family members may not run in the same election.

One person may not run on more than one list/team.


A hallmark of the ICB is the number and different types of activities offered to its adult membership and their children and grand-children!

Activity leaders and coordinators make every effort to assure that these events are a success for all participants.

To that end, ICB activity leaders are available to welcome prospective members, answer any questions and guide them through the ICB membership process.

ICB activity leaders are in open communication with the Executive Board so that all prospective members are recognized and assisted throughout the membership process.

The ICB is a social organization, based upon friendships and families. In order to protect this spirit, as well as the privacy of our members and guests, commercial solicitation of any kind is strictly prohibited during ICB activities and events, through our social medias and via the use of our listings.

Many activities are not appropriate for children. Other activities are created especially for children. Please check the web site calendar to note whether an activity welcomes children or contact the activity coordinator for advice.

Any member or non-member child/ren must be accompanied and supervised at all times by at least one parent or grandparent. As the ICB takes no responsibility for unsupervised children, failure to properly supervise the child/ren in your care may result in exclusion from the event. Please understand that this is for the safety of all children in attendance.

In the unlikely event a negligent or intentional act or injury occurs, by virtue of the terms of your membership and/or attendance at an activity, you hereby agree to indemnify and hold the ICB harmless from any injuries, expenses, direct or incidental losses you and/or the child/ren in your care may experience.

Financial Responsibilities

For certain activities, minimal fees will be charged by the activity coordinators to cover costs. Please be aware that the fee is due at the time of the activity unless otherwise stated.

Most activities require a reservation. In the unfortunate event you must cancel, please do so forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the activity.

If not, you will be held responsible for reimbursing the activity coordinator for late notice or a “no-show.”


ICB would love for you to bring guests!

Any member in good standing is permitted to bring a guest to an activity or event once. In the event the guest later decides to apply for membership, this event will be counted toward fulfilling the Membership requirement (d) above. The cost of the guest’s participation will be borne by the guest or the inviting member.

Any guest should be identified to the activity/event leader or to an Executive Board member present at the activity/event.

Confidentiality Clause

The privacy of ICB members is of utmost importance to the association!

Use of the ICB Directory, website, blog, social media pages, newsletter and any other ICB publication for unauthorised personal or commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

Each member of ICB agrees not to reveal or divulge to any person or entity any personal information concerning the members of ICB, including but not limited to their names, addresses, occupations, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers or any other information of a personal or professional nature and will not use or attempt to use any such information for personal gain, commercial interests and/or for any group outside the ICB membership.

This restriction will continue to apply after the termination of membership for whatever reason and is without limit in point of time.

Internal Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises between any members and/or any member(s) and the association, the disgruntled party or parties may request the Executive Board appoint a mediation team comprised of three (3) Executive Board Members, chosen by the President.

The dispute resolution team will set the time and place of a meeting which is convenient to all parties.

All parties will be heard and their positions respected.

The goal of the mediation team will be to treat all parties fairly and equitably and to assist in the satisfactory resolution of the outstanding issues in order to preserve and foster conviviality within the association.

The decision of the mediation team is final.

Revocation of Membership

Membership in the ICB is lost when:

(1) The member resigns;

(2) The member fails to pay dues;

(3) The ICB Executive Board refuses renewal of membership;

(4) For “cause” as determined by a simple majority vote of the Executive Board:

      Prior to expulsion for « cause »  from the ICB, the member will be advised by Registered Mail fifteen (15) days prior to the Executive Board taking a decision on the expulsion. Within the fifteen (15) day period, the member will be permitted to appear before and/or write the Executive Board in order to answer questions of the Executive Board and/or offer explanation.

    “Cause” includes, but is not limited to the following:

     (a) failing to respect the spirit of conviviality and the fundamental nature of the ICB as defined in the Statutes and RP of the ICB;

     (b) causing or attempting to cause embarrassment or prejudice of whatever nature to the ICB;

     (c) causing or attempting to cause internal discord within the ICB;

     (d) failing to abide by the Statutes and the RP of the ICB;

     (e) using or attempting to use the ICB for direct and/or indirect  improper commercial purposes;

     (f) using or attempting to use the ICB for direct and/or indirect religious and/or political purposes;

     (g) using or attempting to use the ICB to directly and/or indirectly prejudice another member and/or for direct and/or indirect personal gain.

Expulsion of one member of a Couple serves to expel both members of a Couple and all members of their family.

Any decision by the Executive Board to expel a member is final.

Interpretation and Application of the RP 

In the event of any question concerning the intention, meaning and/or definition of any Statute or RP of the ICB, the then-sitting Executive Board will consult with all Founding Members still present in the association. The Founding Members will have the responsibility to make the decision.

Copyright, International Club of Bordeaux, 2019. All rights reserved.

No reproduction in whole or in part.